The best vineyard sites

In 1867, Dr. Friedrich Wilhelm Dünkelberg published a map of the Rheingau vineyards. It is the world’s oldest vineyard classifiaction map.  Only the most renowned vinyards are specifically mentioned. Our monopoles Nonnberg and Victoriaberg are among them.

The “Mainz Basin”, a bay or sea inlet that broke against the edge of the Taunus 30 million years ago, formed the limestone soil from its sediments of mussels and crustaceans, which provides our wines with its unparalleled minerality today.

Große Gewächse from the very best vineyards

Die Großen Gewächse als trockene Weine stellen, neben  The Große Gewächse as dry wines, next to the nobly sweet premium wines of Spätlese to Trockenbeerenauslese, form the peak of the classification pyramid of the predicate wine estates. From the distinct “cores” of our classified sites, wines develop with a lasting quality and outstanding character. 

Wicker Nonnberg “Vier Morgen”
Hochheim Königin Victoriaberg “Dechantenruhe”
Hochheim Hölle “Kantelborn”

Classified vintage wine

These wines meet the high terroir standards of the classifed sites.
Every wine delights and embodies their site origin through typicity and originality.

Wicker Nonnberg
Hochheim Königin Victoriaberg

Regional and village wines

They form the basis of our assortment and do not carry any site appellation.
The name of our wine estate, the origin as well as the quality as a Predicate Wine Estate (VDP) stand for the high quality of these Riesling and Pinot Noir wines.

Wickerer Riesling
Lorcher Riesling
F. Vini et vita
Varietal Wines

The Nonnberg – Fascinating terroir and exclusively in the possesion of our wine estate since 2003.

The Nonnberg – an eventful history and superb wines of the present.

According to a charter dating from 13 January 1281, the convents Retters in the Taunus and Tiefenthal in the Rheingau exchanged property, which documents the vineyard Nonnenberg (nuns’ hill) in Wicker for the first time. In 1791 the Nonnenberg is referred to as a vineyard with the size of 5 acres in best site and taxed by the city court with 3,500 guilders.
Because of financial difficulties, the nuns’ ownership was transferred to the Dome chapter of Mainz.

From1806 onwards, Philipp Cramer, a tradesman from Mainz, purchased vineyards in Wicker on grand scale. The Nonnberg and the “Schwarzpfaffen-vineyard”, formerly owned by the Dome chapter of Mainz, were purchased by him for 5,255 guilders on 18 January 1807. Since 2003 the monopoly site Nonnberg has been owned by our wine estate.
The extremely calcareous soil of this classified site produces great wines with superb minerality and long life potential.

The Victoriaberg – The British Queen Victoria and her love for Riesling wine.

The Victoriaberg – The British Queen Victoria and her love for Riesling wine.

The Victoriaberg – The royal hill

Queen Victoria besuchte 1845 zusammen  mit Ihrem Gatten, Prinz Albert, Hochheim undIn 1845, Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert visited Hochheim and were led by our city fathers to “the most beautiful and best vineyard” of the district for a wine tasting. In 1850, Georg Michael Papstmann,
the owner of the vineyard at that time, was granted the permission by the British Crown to call the vineyard “Königin Victoriaberg”. 
Until today the Riesling of the Victoriaberg has been served at many events of the British Royal Family,
most recently when Queen Elisabeth II visited Germany along with Prince William and his wife Kate.